Athletic Teams Available - Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Track and Field, Cross-Country, Curling, and Archery   
Delia School Athletic Handbook

School Based Programs - CTS Trailer, Art Club, REACH, SADD

Guitar/Voice/Piano Lessons - students are able to sign up for lessons which take place during the school day.

Student Union is a group of student leaders who plan and coordinate events throughout the year to build school community and spirit. Council members are elected each spring.  They are in charge of the 30 Hour Famine, School Spirit Days, and organizing different events throughout the school year.

Ski Trip - several teachers and parents take students on an overnight ski trip.  Lessons are provided in the fees.

Winter Festival occurs on the last day of school before Christmas Break.  This is something new to Delia School this year.  In previous years, we did the Heritage Classic Hockey Game.  Students will take part in many different winter activities including hayrides, skating, curling, snow shoeing and a bonfire. 

Heritage Classic - on the last day of school before Christmas break, students challenge teachers and parents to a game of hockey.  Always a riot and a highlight for all. 

Talent Show - is put on my Mrs. Dee and her volunteers.  Students showcase their talents for their parents, friends, and family.  It is a great night to come and listen/watch the talents of the Delia School Students.

Health Champions - consists of grade 5-9 students who are committed to seeing a change in their school. They have highlighted three areas they wanted to improve on; Healthy Eating, Active Living and Positive Environment. In the past they have concentrated on activities ranging from educating students on reading labels and eating healthy food to challenging the students and staff to "getting active." Purchasing a healthy drink machine, having the snack shop sell healthy alternatives and creating a space for the fitness room are all past accomplishments. During the 2013-14 school year the team decided to create an "Edible Garden."  This was a huge task to take on and the students worked very hard at it.  Their future goal is to continue adding to the garden and to extend the space to incorporate an outside classroom space.  You can check out some pictures in our Delia Photo Gallery.

Breakfast Program - The Delia School is providing breakfast options in the Resource Room every morning from 8:30-8:45.  It is set up buffet style and students have a few different options every day.  Some examples of what they might see include:  yogurt, parfaits, smoothies (Fridays),  bagels, toast, croissants, healthy nut free spreads, low sugar  cereal, variety of fruit,  muffins, mini-quiche  and occasionally pancakes, egg scramblers, sausage etc.  Research shows us the importance of breakfast for children and youth.  Children who eat a good breakfast may perform better in school, have better attendance, and exhibit fewer behavior problems.  In addition, children who eat a good breakfast develop healthy eating habits.  We encourage all students to come and grab a bite to eat. This ensures all our students are getting necessary nourishment and the program stays comfortable and accessible to all.  We encourage students to still have their breakfast at home and then supplement it with a snack in the morning prior to class.  For example if they have toast at home, they are encouraged to try some fruit when they get to school.  If they have not had the opportunity to eat at home, by all means they are welcome to fill up at school.  Please help us educate the children by encouraging them:  to not take more than they can eat so as not to be wasteful, be ready for class by bell time, to properly dispose of waste and to reduce the use of plates/cups when possible.  Our program is funded by “Breakfast for Learning”, Drink Machine proceeds, beverage container recycling proceeds, and donations. If you have any questions or would like to contribute please feel free to contact Barb Marshall at the school.

Bulldog Café - The Bulldog Cafe (also known as the Snackshop) is housed in the Resource Room.  It is open from 11:56-12:05.  Students can purchase pre-packaged snack or lunch items.  The mandate of the Snackshop is to provide healthy options and maintain low prices (mark-up for sustainability only). All prices are kept at $0.25 intervals for continuity and easy figuring. Prices vary for items from $0.25 to $2.00. We can also provide nutritional snacks throughout the day as needed to students for free. The Breakfast Program, Club Moo (elementary milk delivery), and healthy drink machine are all run out of the "Bulldog Cafe".

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