AERR Results

Annual Education Results Report 2021-2022

The Accountability Pillar provides a way for school authorities to measure their success, and assess their progress towards meeting their learning goals.

The Accountability Pillar:

  • Gives school boards a consistent way to measure their success and assess progress using a broad spectrum of measures

  • Helps identify areas that need improvement and set priorities for the future

  • Provides school authorities with a wide range of data showing how they are performing

  • Focuses on more than student achievement, resulting in a more complete approach to accountability and system improvement

This combined data provides a picture of school authority and individual school performance, including areas of success and potential challenges that may lie ahead. As part of the accountability process, school authorities report their Accountability Pillar results to their communities. Sharing the results with their communities allows Albertans to see how their school authority is performing. This ensures that the entire education system is more open and accountable to all Albertans.

2021-2022 School Annual Education Results Plan (1) (1).pdf