Delia School Fees for 2023-2024.pdf

Delia School
Fee Description

CTS Fees

At Delia we are proud to be able to offer a wide variety of Career and Technology Studies, including Foods, Woods, Robotics, Mechanics, Photography, Ag Safety, Job Preparation, etc. The CTS fee helps cover the cost of purchasing supplies and materials for the courses, such as groceries for Foods or lumber for Woods.

Extra Curricular Fees: Athletic fees help offset the cost of tournament fees, referee fees, etc. We will have two separate fees for archery to differentiate between students who want to compete at local tournaments versus at provincial tournaments.

Field Trips / Activity Fees                

At Delia we strive to engage our students in a wide range of activities. Field trips and activities such as skiing and swimming lessons are an important part of our curriculum. We try to vary the field trips every few years so it is not the same thing each year. Please understand that these trips are educational and apply directly to the curriculum. Teachers are able to show students the connections between what they are learning in the classroom and what they experienced on the field trip. The fees go directly to admission/program costs or lesson fees and lift tickets or rentals for skiing.